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EHF European League

Win sends Kadetten to third place in Group D

EHF / Tiago Nogueira

The home team started at full throttle, reaching an 8:3 run. However, the turn came through goalkeeper Matevz Skok. In a counterattack that would have provided the 9:3 scoreline, the Slovenian athlete made a great save. Followed by many others. And then began the comeback of the lions that reached the half-time in front.

However, handball is not how it starts, but how it ends. And Kadetten had enough insight to go after the momentum and beat the Portuguese team by two.

Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI) vs Sporting CP (POR) 26:24 (10:11)

• Kadetten Schaffhausen had a brilliant final 10 minutes and got revenge for the round 1 game
• The Swiss side, now with eight points, surpassed the Portuguese team in the table
• Kristian Pilipovic collected 13 saves during the game (35.14% efficiency)
• Joan Canellas scored eight times for Schaffhausen
• Martim Costa scored six goals for Sporting CP

Canellas, Zehnder and Costa - Talent is ageless

Samuel Zehnder and Martim Costa, two young promises, had a fabulous night and demonstrated that age is just a number. On the other hand, Joan Canellas (35 years) also demonstrated that age is nothing but a number.

I'm proud of my team. In the first half we were too emotional. The start to the second half was difficult, but Sporting made two, three easy mistakes and we could use them.
Adalsteinn Eyjolfsson
Head Coach, Kadetten Schaffhausen

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